Driving Safety

LOL…there is nothing funny about texting and driving!

Texting While Driving Causes1:

  1. 1,600,000 accidents per year – National Safety Council
  2. 330,000 injuries per year – Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study
  3. 11 teen deaths EVERY DAY – Insurance Institute for Hwy Safety Fatality Facts
  4. Nearly 25% of ALL car accidents

Texting Tips

  • Never text while driving…never, ever. When you get in the car put your phone in the backseat so you are not even tempted to look at it.
  • Don’t text your friends when you know they are driving. Messages like, “Are you on the way?” can ensure your friends never arrive because your text can cause an accident.
  • It’s not just the texts that kill, pictures, videos, and music downloads can distract drivers. Nothing is so viral that it needs to be seen right this minute.


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