Friday Night Football Patrol
~ 2017 Season ~

Game 1: Centennial High School - 08/18/2017

Centennial CoyotesMCAO and KISS FM kicked off the 2017 Season at Centennial High School in Peoria on August 18. The Centennial Coyotes went head to head with the Desert Edge Scorpions from Goodyear and scored a stunning win of 49 – 0. Centennial was also a major winner with taking the Drug-Free Pledge and broke our all-time record with 1,843 pledges signed at lunch and during the game. Another record was broken with 65 student volunteers from the National Honor Society and Student Council encouraging their peers to take the pledge. Congratulations to Reece W. who won a $50 gift card at the lunch drawing and Victoria C. who won the drawing for a $500 gift card at the game.

Game 2: Higley High School - 08/25/2017

Higley KnightsFriday Night Football Patrol is building momentum in its second game of the season. The Higley High Knights in Gilbert faced off against the Mingus Union Marauders and came out victorious with a final score of 58-6.

The students scored a win too, with 1109 total pledges signed. Joey P. was the lunch-time winner of a $50 gift card. At halftime, Dylan F. was a big winner with a $500 gift card courtesy of our sponsors, KISS FM and the Arizona Milk Producers.

Game 3: Desert Ridge High School - 09/01/2017

Desert Ridge JaguarsFriday Night Football Patrol is going strong in our third game of the season. The Desert Ridge Jaguars met up with the Tucson Badgers in Mesa and came out on top at 49-0.

Desert Ridge gave us a winning effort as twenty-eight students volunteered their time to help us get a whopping 1,621 pledges signed on game day.

Meghan M. was a winner at lunch-time with a $50 gift card. Our half-time winner at the game was Jacob A. with a $500 gift card.

Game 4: Boulder Creek High School - 09/08/2017

Boulder Creek JaguarsFor our fourth game, MCAO headed north to Boulder Creek High School in Anthem. The Boulder Creek Jaguars met up with the Queen Creek Bulldogs. Even though the game went to the opponents at 3-35, Boulder Creek was a big winner with the number of drug-free pledges signed at 1,319.

Hannah Z. was the lunchtime winner of a $50 gift card and McKenna D. won the halftime drawing of a $500 gift card courtesy of KISS FM and the Arizona Milk Producers.

Game 5: Westwood High School - 09/15/2017

Westwood WarriorsThe Westwood High School Warriors hosted the Gilbert Tigers for our 5th game of the season. Though the Warriors lost the game 7-41, they are big winners in our book. Twenty-four students volunteered to help Westwood break our all-time record number of pledges signed at 1980 for the day.

Eduardo E. was our lunchtime winner of a $50 gift card and Leena T. took the $500 prize at halftime. Way to go Warriors!

Game 6: Perry High School - 09/22/2017

Perry PumasThe Perry Pumas were a big winner Friday night as they defeated the Highland Hawks 56-6. An even bigger victory was gained as Perry High School students broke the record for signing 2,097 drug and alcohol free pledge, the most in Friday Night Football Patrol history.

Hannah F. was our lunchtime winner of a $50 gift card and Natalie C. was the winner of a $500 gift card at the game, courtesy of KISS FM and the Arizona Milk Producers.

Game 7: Ironwood High School - 09/28/2017 (Thursday Game)

Ironwood EaglesFor our 7th game of the season, MCAO volunteers and KISS FM visited Ironwood High School in Glendale. The Ironwood Eagles went head-to-head with the Maricopa Rams, with a final score of 15-26.

The Ironwood Cheer team and Spirit Line stepped up to help us spread the drug and alcohol free message to their classmates, and the school returned the spirit with 1,380 students signing the pledge. The lunchtime winner of a $50 gift card was Caitlyn C. and Kailee H. was the half-time winner of a $500 gift card.

Game 8: Mountain Pointe High School - 10/06/2017

Mountain Pointe High SchoolThe Mountain Pointe Pride met up with the Highland Hawks for their homecoming game and defeated them in a squeaker at 14-13.

Mountain Pointe students displayed their “Pride” by embracing MCAO’s message to make positive choices. Twenty students volunteered to help spread the message and a total of 1172 students stepped up to sign the pledge to be drug and alcohol free.

For signing the pledge, Chloe P. won a $50 gift card at lunchtime, and Carissa G. was the game time winner of a $500 gift card.

Game 9: Notre Dame High School - 10/13/2017

Notre Dame SaintsFor week 9 of the 2017 Friday Night Football Patrol Season, MCAO and KISS FM visited Notre Dame College Preparatory Academy. The Notre Dame Saints faced the North Canyon Rattlers—the school where the Patrol is headed next week for our final game.

This small school proved mighty, defeating their opponent 37-14 and serving up a big percentage of students signing the pledge to remain drug and alcohol free. Twenty-one students volunteered to help 747 of their classmates sign the pledge.

Amanda C. was our lunchtime winner of a $50 gift card and Caeley S. won the half-time drawing of $500.

Game 10: North Canyon High School - 10/20/2017

North Canyon Rattlesnakesvs. Chaparral Firebirds