Friday Night Football Patrol
~ 2018 Season ~

Game 1: Maryvale High School - 08/17/2018

Maryvale High SchoolMCAO and KISS FM kicked off the 2018 Season at Maryvale High School. The Maryvale Panthers met up with the Tucson Badgers and even though they weren’t winners on the field, they scored a big win with 1,462 Drug-Free Pledges signed. Congratulations to our four lunch-time winners who received a $50 gift card each. Paulina C. won the half-time drawing for a $300 gift card.

Game 2: McClintock High School - 08/24/2018

McClintock High SchoolOur team next went to McClintock High School. The Chargers may not have gained victory on the field, but they stepped up their game with 784 pledges signed. Our lunch gift card winners were: Audrey H., Krystin H., Emilie S., and Ty-ynmel E. The Game winner was: Lindsey R.

Game 3: Valley Vista High School - 08/31/2018

Valley Vista High SchoolThe Football Patrol ended the month of August with a trip to Valley Vista High School in Surprise. The Monsoons beat the Trevor G. Brown Bruins with a score of 62-7. An even greater victory came when Valley Vista broke an all-time record with 100 percent participation at 2,743 pledges signed. Their true victory was that the entire football team, cheerleaders and student council--at least 100 students—volunteered to help their peers pledge to be drug and alcohol free.

The winners of the $50 lunch time gift cards were: Ashley M., Ryan S., Kayla B., Casandra C., The half-time winner of a $300 gift card went to Melinda S.

Game 4: Desert Vista High School - 09/07/2018

Desert Vista High SchoolThe Desert Vista Thunder faced off with the Valley Vista Monsoons and emerged victorious with a score of 48-20. 848 students signed the pledge to be drug and alcohol free. Our lunchtime winners were: Collin H., Ivy S., Rachel C. and Kiersten S.

At the game’s half time, Macy G. won the State Fair VIP pack and Karly M. was the winner of a $300 gift card.

Game 5: Sunnyslope High School - 09/14/2018

Sunnyslope High SchoolThe Sunnyslope Vikings took on the Betty Fairfax Stampede and won their game 23-19. The students were the true winners with 1141 signing the drug and alcohol free pledge. Lunchtime winners of a $50 Visa gift card were: Xochitl M., Juan G., Emma R., and Taylor H.

Richard K. won a VIP family four-pack, courtesy of the Arizona State Fair, and Isabel G. was our winner of a $300 gift card donated by the Arizona Milk Producers.

Game 6: Brophy High School - 09/21/2018

Brophy High SchoolThe Brophy Broncos went head to head with the Greenway Demons delivering a decisive defeat to the Alhambra Lions with a score of 49-7.

Off the field, 835 Brophy and Xavier students signed the pledge to remain drug and alcohol free.

Xavier student, Kaycee G. won the half-time prize of $300 courtesy of the Arizona Milk Producers.

Game 7: Shadow Mountain High School - 09/28/2018

Shadow Mountain High SchoolThe Shadow Mountain Matadors played the Greenway Demons with a final score of 0-28. Despite the game loss, 515 students signed the drug free pledge.

Lunchtime winners of a $50 gift card were Matthew B., Kaylee E., Lily V., and Julieta S.

At the game, Christopher D. won the State Fair VIP 4-pack and Jenna D. was our winner of a $300 gift card.

Game 8: Mountain Ridge High School - 10/05/2018

Mountain Ridge High SchoolThe Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions defeated the Pinnacle Pioneers 56-7. The real victory was the 1051 pledges signed by the students.

Gabby C., Jordan K., Addisen S., and Maya D. each won a $50 gift card at the lunch. Game winners were Elisabeth M., with a State Fair VIP Pack and August R. walked away with a $300 gift card courtesy of the Arizona Milk Producers.

Game 9: Sandra Day O'Connor High School - 10/12/2018

Sandra Day O'Connor High SchoolThe Sandra Day O’Connor Eagles went head to head with the Tucson Badgers and scored a decisive victory of 37-0. They were winners off the field as well with 951 pledges signed.

Our lunch time winners of the $50 gift card were Grace R., Brynn D., Ellie G. and Alexis K. The Game winter of the State Fair gift pack was Hailey M. and the winner of the $300 gift card was Julia P.

Game 10: Agua Fria High School - 10/19/2018

Agua Fria High SchoolFor our final game of the season, The Agua Fria Owls played the Independence Patriots and came out victorious with a final score of 31-14. Students signed an impressive 866 pledges to be drug and alcohol free that day.

The lunch time gift card winners were Carrie S., Annabella T., Jonathan M. and Keurah M. At the big game, the winners were Matthew V., for the State Fair VIP gift pack and Alejandro M. won the $300 gift card.

Season Recap

A special thanks to our partner, iHeart Media, KISS FM and sponsors, The Arizona Milk Producers and the Arizona State Fair for a fantastic season that saw over 11,000 students sign the drug free pledge from the 10 schools we visited around Maricopa County!